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The #1 design studio in Ukraine

According to the IT Rating of Ukraine

Based out of Ukraine, carried out from the UK

The design team is located in safe places in Ukraine. Management carried out from the UK. We’re a Ukrainian team that works globally

Performance design

What is performance design?

Always making an effort to produce a high-quality product
Minimum resources
Achieve the goal with minimum resources and in the shortest time
Always keep in mind success rate metrics

Design Direction

Dima Kiselev is a Design Director with 20+ years of experience in UX design.

Hundreds of different completed projects all over the world. You won’t receive any material without the approval of Dima.

No geography

We do not have geography at all. We don’t care about location.

For instance, now we work with two clients from Georgia. The first one is from a country in Europe, the second one is from the State of America.


90% of our new clients came to us through recommendation. This is how we went global by the way.

We fire up our logo because we received the ‘fire’ emoji so many times so this is our client's idea, not us.


We have a wholehearted attitude towards all our clients. We do the best job and we don’t compromise on the tiniest detail.


Dima Kiselev
Design Director
Yuriy Tkach
Chief Graphic Design Officer
Victoria Demyanenko
Alona Sarapina
Marina Pshonko
Maria Bugay
Denis Sizemov
Nastya Knyazeva


It's all started in 2011