Mint your own NFT with just a phone

The application not only provides access to thousands of digital tokens, but also unites creators, collectors and just traders into a kind of community where you can find like-minded people, communicate, and create your own NFT with just a phone

To create a mobile app interface design
Steps and tools
Wireframing, prototyping, testing, design. Figma
Project duration
6 weeks
Implementation date
October 2021
My profile

The profile screen provides the user with quick access to their collection of tokens, NFTs tracked by other collectors, and a personal marketplace


After registration in the app, the user sees a list of recommended profiles with the ability to subscribe to their updates in one click

My feed

The update feed contains the latest news on user subscriptions

Create NFT

In a few clicks, you can create your own NFT from a file or just take a photo. A functional editor will help you to make a unique token, and another click to set an NFT up for sale


You could buy NFT instantly in the app. The purchase process is simple

Send NFT

In addition to the token sales, the app provides you the ability to transfer ownership as a gift


Application settings and account editing are divided into two different sections

Following and followers

Like a social network, the app implements the feature of subscriptions. You could track updates of users of interest

Friend profile

When you're viewing a friend's profile, you're focusing on the collection of his NFTs. For each item, you can view detailed information, comments, or buy if the token is currently for sale


The comments section under each token allows you to share your impressions, find like-minded people and simply discuss digital creativity with other members of the community

My feed

In the news feed, the user can scroll the newest NFTs from the list of subscriptions