Creating connecting people interface for a business club

Young Business Club (YBC) is an international club of young self-made entrepreneurs. It was founded in Kyiv and the club expanded to New York, Dubai, London, etc.

Change the functional and visual component of the mobile application, facilitate UX, put focus on the most requested and frequently used functions. Perform a redesign while retaining the corporate style and identity.
Steps and tools
Prototyping and design.
Project duration
15 days
Implementation date
August 2021
Double design direction

The main initiator of the second brand new design of the mobile application YBC was Dmitry Novikoff. He was involved in the process as a concept designer and Design Director

Typography & colours

The typography and colours are simple and classic. People are just used to it, inside the app you’re like at home


Classic login just through your phone number and a code, no passwords or something else

User profile

We tried to do the user profile as maximum native as possible

Profile editor

Edit fields made like on your iPhone


The application is about people and connections. But you can also find information about the companies connected to people. You could edit your company information as well as your personal data


One of the key features is search. Do you need any services from the club members? Location? Hobbies? You could search and find anything

Events calendar

The second key feature is your club members' calendar. You could also search anything: location or any activity

All screens

A simple application is full of details with many windows to choose from