Next-level luxury rental design in Dubai

TLT is a car service in Dubai

Website redesign: visual and CRO
Steps and tools
Wireframing, design concept approval, and all the mockups, and elements. Figma
Project duration
6 weeks
Implementation date
July 2022
UAE, Dubai
Home page

All in one place. Firstly Why us? The second is the car choosing interface. Also, the user can choose an exact chauffeur with additional services

Our fleet

Check out all of the cars on the car interface made simple across all devices and platforms

Car page

You have all of the details about the car on the car page. Photos of the exterior and interior. We made sure to do the first screens of all these pages consistent. On the mobile and desktop versions ‘book now’ button is always fixed


It is like e-commerce. You are choosing the item and just filling out the simple form to proceed

Services and SEO pages

Whether it is an additional service or SEO content we show ‘what to do next’ fixed block which is to select a car, book now, etc

Mobile version

Useable, readable, fun. Guess what button is always fixed at the bottom of the screen


Usually, customers use this page to choose the exact driver

Tablet version

We understand that the tablet version is 3-4% of all customers. Anyway, the tablet version is bold too

Colors & Fonts

Simple, modest colors. The main button is classic blue. Font family is one of the best sans-serifs for now