Medical laboratory

European network of medical laboratories in Ukraine

Website redesign
Steps and tools
Design, Figma
Project duration
4 months, 400 working hours
Implementation date
January 2021
Home page

On the main page, in addition to promo, there are "hot buttons", basic information and latest news

Category page

A huge list of analyzes is divided into categories according to various criteria


More and more often today, authorization through a phone number and a code from SMS is used.

Personal area

Passing tests, you can collect points. Then they can be spent on a discount


In the personal account there is a section of personal promotions with the possibility of an instant order


The results of all analyzes are always stored in the appropriate section. The result can be downloaded, printed or emailed.

Indicator in dynamics

The change in the results of the analysis can be viewed visually on the graph


Any number of tests can be ordered and paid online. This is convenient, because saves time offline

Additional Information when placing an order

The standard questionnaire for filling out with a pen on paper has been “digitized”. Everything can be done online


Separately, the guide contains all the additional information on various criteria.

News and publications

The main thing in news or news reading is large print and readability

Addresses of laboratories

View all necessary information about laboratories in Ukraine. Different labs can do different tests.