Negative reviews portal interface design

Negative is a content project with the negative feedback related to the products or services

Logo and website design
Steps and tools
Wireframing, design. Figma, Illustrator
Project duration
1 month
Implementation date
June 2020
Ukraine, Kyiv
Hotel page with negative reviews

All the critics and negative reviews of any object collected to list within one page

Detailed review

Content can be with different points with photos or videos. Each point has plus and minus buttons for users

Add a post

We have a lot of features for the users that could provide as maximum details as they want to say


Users can sort the reviews by categories, brands, review status and users reactions


All the companies and people collected on one page in alphabetical view


Every post on the website has an author. On the author's page, you can view all their social network links


Brand or company can work with the negative reviews with the help of messages and notifications within the website


We have a call to action and the most popular reviews, companies, and comments on the homepage