CRO of a technical support provider within a landing page

MK Premium Services is a business support provider. The company provides both support at the level of a 24-hour call center, as well as individual expert technical advice for businesses and startups for specific purposes.

Landing design. The key action is ordering a consultation by phone, contacting the online chat
Steps and tools
Engineering, Design, Figma
Project duration
7 days, 60 working hours
Implementation date
November 2020
USA, California
Problems are solved

Equipment problems will not cause downtime and loss for active businesses

Individual approach

The company offers an individual approach to providing prompt technical support to the client 24/7


High expertise multiplied by round-the-clock availability

Interaction model

Every business is unique. Realizing this, MK focuses on the individual conditions of service for each client.


Customer focus, responsibility and individual approach

Feedback form

You can apply in a few clicks by filling out a simple form

Entire site

Simple and clear design. he site contains all the key information