Different e-commerce website for Glassware Designs

Mami24seven is a nostalgic handcrafted by professional glassware artisans with exclusive patterns

To launch a website
Steps and tools
Wireframing, design concept approval, and all the mockups, and elements, launch. Figma, Webflow
Project duration
12 weeks
Implementation date
July 2022
USA, Georgia
Jadeite glassware is inspired by the original jadeite glassware first produced in the U.S.

During the 1930s reinterpreting vintage pieces for the modern kitchen, we've made it easy to bring back the timeless and nostalgic experience of enjoing a casual meal with family and friends


For now, there are only three items in the catalog. That’s why every item in the shop made with big pictures

Home page

Who we are, what we have for you, and why you can trust us

Mobile version

It’s the perfect collectible for the sophisticated and elegant hostess who enjoys entertaining with both modern flair and timeless beauty


Each product in the catalog goes with small thumbnails for a better understanding of how this glassware will be in your kitchen

Jadeite Glassware

Jadeite Glassware is one of the most iconic and stunning vintage patterns of all time. This rare and highly sought-after glassware pattern has been treasured by collectors and vintage enthusiasts for generations

Product page

The Jadeite Glassware Collection makes the perfect wedding, bridal shower, or birthday gift

Jadeite Glassware

A symbol of beauty, purity and tranquility, jadeite glassware includes classic tableware pieces and is popular with collectors and cuisine aficionados alike


Shop built with a help of Webflow


In the next iteration in the future, there will be a personal account

Colors and fonts

To convey the delicacy and elegance of the product, we used light colors and a subtle serif typeface that perfectly emphasizes the vintage style