Publishing house & online shop UI/UX design

Kalamar is a private publishing house

Site redesign
Steps and tools
Engineering and design. Figma
Project duration
1 months
Implementation date
June 2021
Ukraine, Kyiv
Home page

Promos, categories, benefits and the latest positions from the catalog, which are sprinkled with trust blocks

Mobile version

As expected, the mobile version received special attention, the catalog was redesigned

Book catalog

We tried to make the catalog bright. At the top there is a convenient switcher by category.

Book sets

Both on the page of the book and in the catalog itself, there are sets of books so that users can understand about saving

Kit constructor

Can design a book set by yourself to get more discount

Souvenir products

In addition to books, the site presents souvenirs that continue the story of the book.

Product page

Initially, we tried to give as much information as possible about the book itself. Each such page is a mini promo site


In the latest version, we tried to simplify the checkout, taking into account technical limitations.


The site has a separate blog that talks about all sorts of recent events.


For the project, we have developed a million different creatives