Remote shopping in Italy website launch

Shopping in Milan, Rome, Venice, and other cities just on your phone

Website launch and marketing activities
Steps and tools
Copy, wireframing, design, launch, and ad campaigns. Figma, Photoshop, Tilda, Facebook/Google Ads
Project duration
3 months
Implementation date
March 2022
Italy, Rome
First screen

What's going on here? What should I do next? We tried to answer these questions

Channels by category

The main goal of the website is to get to the Telegram channel and to look through all the latest sales. And there are 5 categories to choose from

Mobile version

A call to action is always available on the screen from any part of the website

Brands available

One of the trust points is a huge brand list

How it works

Classic screen for understanding how it works. It is simple like 1, 2, 3

Story feed

Instagram stories are streamed directly to the site

Collected reviews

We have lots of reviews collected among messengers


For different target audiences, we have prepared different hypotheses for targeted advertising