Interviews based portal interface design

Interview.coffee is a website with interviews relating to products and services

Logo and website design
Steps and tools
Wireframing, design. Figma, Illustrator
Project duration
1 month
Implementation date
July 2020

Each interview is connected to the product or service which helps to make a decision about buying this product

Mobile version

Big typography, big images and all the details made with love

Request an interview

Each user can request an interview with anybody else

Vote for questions

All in one place. Firstly Why us? The second is the car choosing interface. Also, the user can choose an exact chauffeur with additional services


We prepared all the mockups and elements for the project

Future interviews

A list of all future interviews and the opportunity to vote on questions


Each interview is always connected to a product or brand


All the interviewer’s gathered on one page

Interviewer page

Description, social media links and all the materials of the interviewer in one place

User profile

Settings and all of your materials are at your profile


Basic settings are in one simple popup window

Product page

All the materials are connected to the exact product or brand