Internet acquiring company

High-conversion landing page

Create a modern visual identity, a high-conversion landing page, and design the payment interface
Steps and tools
Copy, translations, logo & identity design, landing page design, payment interface design. Word, Illustrator, Figma
Project duration
1 months
Implementation date
April 2021
Landing page design

We have structured the information step by step answering "why us"? That's why the 2,5% commission amount is right on the second screen

Mobile version

Instead of the classic 'Contact us' we named the call to action button 'Free consultation'. It is fixed for both mobile and desktop versions

Project colors

Simple and appropriate colors

Payment interface

We made the payment interface clear, simple, and useful. But with the small amount of the visual identity of the company


Basically, it is a classic lead form but adding the free consultation provides additional value for the customer