Redesign of AI application essay coach

AI application essay coach provides instant essay score, feedback, and recommendations on how to improve

To give an opportunity for any applicant who enters Universities to independently analyze and check the quality of writing their essays by using specially developed artificial intelligence
Steps and tools
Wireframing, prototyping and testing, design concept approval, all the mockups & elements design. Both product & marketing sides. Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop
Project duration
2 months
Implementation date
August 2022
USA, Florida
Project timeline



We have designed 30+ wireframes

Blank page

In the first step, the user can paste the essay. The button is inactive now

Ready for analysis

After the essay pasting button ‘Review my essay’ active with words and characters count

Review in progress

Artificial intelligence is working now within four categories: structure, flow, syntax, and grammar

Review complete

This is like a grade. Users can see an overall score and which category they should work with exactly

Categories colors

Each category has its own color. With the help of colors, the user can understand which category he or she is in

Mistakes within the category

So within each category users can see mistakes listed on the right and underlined on the left on the same page. By clicking on the mistakes users will see details and examples of how it can be fixed

Edit mode and ignore feature

After reviewing the mistakes, the user can jump into edit mode and fix them instantly. After that the user can review the essay again and check the updated overall score. Also if some mistakes are incorrect or not critical, the user can just ignore it within the system by clicking on ‘Delete’

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AI-powered application

Built to level the playing field and empower every applicant to show a structured, insightful, and memorable personal story to admissions




For sure, the main device for a product like this is the desktop computer. But also it is available on any mobile device or tablet

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