Easiest credit interface design

Cashup is an online microcredit service in Ukraine. The philosophy of the company declares customer focus, which is evident in the transparency of lending conditions, attractive rates, speed and convenience of services, round-the-clock online customer support

Marketing website design as well as management of all loan statuses in a personal profile dashboard
Steps and tools
Planning, prototyping, and testing, design. Figma
Project duration
2 months
Implementation date
January 2018
Ukraine, Kyiv
The simplest loan in Ukraine

On the first screen, there is a "red button" that does not contradict anything, trust blocks, and green controls

Loyalty program

A simple loyalty program allows reducing the interest rate depending on the total period of the loan

Personal Dashboard

The project design is based on Material Design, slightly modified according to our needs. Since the majority of our audience uses Android devices, everything is familiar to them.

Loan History

Loan history is always at hand, with the option to export contracts to PDF

My Cards

The section for managing your linked bank cards for receiving credit funds

Personal Information

A standardized form with the user's personal information simplifies the creation of new contracts

Process of issuance

As a rule, when you apply for a loan, there are a lot of things you can't just skip over. We tried to simplify this procedure as much as possible

Step 1

Filling in basic personal data and contact information

Step 2

Filling in information about the business area and income

Step 3

Linking a bank card

Step 4

Confirming the bank card

Step 5

Filling in personal data

Step 6

Reading full terms of use

Mobile version

The mobile version is developed independently. Interface elements are large, screens are clean